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Working from home due to COVID-19 (Corona) also offers opportunities

Bed wetting is a common problem, both in children and adults. At we are looking for different brands/products that offer you a solution against this problem. Due to the current frustrating situation around COVID-19 (Corona) there are now many people working at home, this may cause problems, but also offers new possibilities! Because you are now spending more time at home, you also have more opportunities to work with your child on a solution against bedwetting!

Sleepless nights

When your child suffers from bedwetting, this has consequences for both you as a parent, but also for your child. Being woken up at night by your child who needs to be changed is very unpleasant. You are woken up in the middle of your sleep and must take care several tasks such as changing the bed, washing your child, and getting him/her dressed again before you can finally go back to sleep. This means that you almost fully woken up yourself, which probably makes it less easy to get back to sleep.

Bedwetting also has far-reaching consequences that go beyond unpleasant consequences for your child. Your child can become very insecure and often does not feel like sleeping with friends and doesn’t want to go to school camp anymore. This impact on self-confidence is very frustrating and can even linger later in life. As a parent you want to avoid this and therefore using a bedwetting alarm is an interesting, scientifically proven solution to the problem. Especially now with the developments surrounding COVID-19.

More time, more attention, faster results

We understand the situation around COVID-19 is extremely frustrating. People are becoming tired of all the rules and restrictions and the infection rate has increased dramatically. As a result, new measures have been taken and we all must work from home again as much as possible. In addition, the schools are once again closed, and children now must continue their lessons at home. We will try to turn these negative issues surrounding COVID-19 into something positive, meaning there is more time to work on being potty-trained.

Because both you and your child are now obligated to sit at home, you also can work together on the solution against bedwetting. A bedwetting alarm can be the ideal tool to help with this. The bedwetting alarm helps your child to wake up when bedwetting occurs, and because your child is immediately awakened during this moment, he/she will unknowingly recognize the feeling of a full bladder. By waking up your child, he or she stops urinating immediately. This means you will not have to change the bed right away either.

Always approach your child in a positive way

Positivity is particularly important, that is why you see the new brands put more and more time and energy in the experience of the bedwetting alarm compared to the older/existing brands. Because of this positive approach, children are triggered more, and they enjoy working towards a solution. The positivity of the parents is also especially important, because punishment is counterproductive. Motivate your child, always try to see everything in a positive light and make sure your child feels comfortable. This gives your child more self-confidence and you will see results faster.

A mattress protector prevents a wet mattress!

Bed wetting is frustrating enough as is, no one wants to be woken up in the middle of the night to change the sheets etc. A mattress protector is an excellent solution that can prevent the largest problem after your child wets the bed. A mattress stays wet for a long time, the stains do not or barely get out and the smell also gets into the mattress. With a mattress protector you can avoid this annoying situation and that will save you a lot of frustration!

Spend your time wisely during COVID-19!

Make good use of your time and your child’s time during COVID-19. The extra time you now have because you can work from home can be used to work together on a solution against bedwetting. Did you know that more than 70% of the supplementary health insurances reimburse the bedwetting alarm? Check out the different brands of bedwetting alarms here and order the one that suits you best to avoid these frustrating and sleepless nights as quickly as possible!