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Why a mattress protector

As the name suggests, a mattress protector is a means to protect your mattress against sweat, urine or dirt, for example. By using a mattress protector, your mattress stays fresh and clean longer and lasts longer. Stains, but especially the smell of urine for example, are very difficult to get out of your mattress and therefore a good protector is a great idea. In this article you will read exactly how you can optimally protect your mattress and extend its lifespan.


Bedwetting is a common problem, both in children and adults. It is a very unpleasant problem that can have a lot of influence on self-confidence, and it also causes uncomfortable situations. A wet mattress is unpleasant but the most frustrating aspect are the stains and the smell you can hardly get out of it. You can prevent this with a good mattress protector. If you or your child suffers from bedwetting, we would always recommend that you purchase a protector.

Sweating while sleeping

As a result of the drop in your body temperature, you automatically start to sweat while sleeping. This nocturnal sweating causes half a liter of fluid loss per night for most people. Some people even lose two liters of fluid a night. Sweating has a huge impact on the mattress and bacteria and fungi also love those damp conditions. These fungi and bacteria create an unhealthy sleeping environment. With the help of a protective cover you can prevent this and therefore we would recommend using a good mattress protector.


A flannel is one of the most commonly used mattress protectors. Flannels are made from brushed cotton. The roughened cotton is strong, durable and can absorb moisture well. These features ensure that it is extremely suitable as a protective cover. Flannels are available in different thicknesses and for many different sizes of mattresses. A flannel directly goes around the mattress and ensures that body fluids do not pull into the mattress. The advantage of a flannel is that it is washable up to 60 degrees Celsius, which also kills dust mites. Standard flannels are not waterproof and therefore not intended against bedwetting.

If your child suffers from bedwetting, we always recommend the use of a waterproof mattress protector to prevent unpleasant situations.

Waterproof mattress protectors

A waterproof protective cover is suitable for both adults and children. If you suffer from bedwetting as a child or adult, a waterproof mattress protector is very useful. We would also always recommend looking for a good protective cover during, for example, bedwetting alarm training.

The waterproof mattress protector prevents urine from penetrating deep into the mattress. This prevents stains but also unpleasant odors, for example. If this does happen, it can be a hotbed of bacteria and fungi and an unpleasant odor will develop.

The use of a waterproof mattress protector ensures that the moisture cannot penetrate into the mattress and therefore prevents unpleasant odors when everything has dried.

About Bedwetting Alarm

In recent years we have witnessed how mysteriously and awkwardly bedwetting is handled in many ways. Children who suffer from this become restless and insecure, are often not well understood and parents cannot speak openly about the issue. For instance, did you know that 15% of children under the age of 6 still experience bedwetting problems?

That unpleasant feeling stops now! We want to make the perception a lot more transparent, the conversation more open and make sure that parents and children who are dealing with potty-training problems have all the information at their disposal right away. If you have any other questions about us or about us, please contact us.