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Sensor pants

When you want to buy a bedwetting alarm you will see that most brands/packages use sensor pants. Some brands do not use this, but we recommend that you choose a product that does use sensor underwear. The benefit of sensor pants is that they can detect moisture (urine) much quicker, making your alarm go off faster. As a result, your child will wake up faster and develop the feeling of recognizing a full bladder.

Why sensor underpants and not just my own underpants?

For an effective and successful potty-training, it is important that the first drops of moisture (urine) are detected as soon as possible to activate the alarm. There are special wires/fibers in sensor underwear so they can detect moisture directly and thus also activate your alarm. The sooner this happens the better, because it has an effect on the result of your training. The point is that your child must recognize the feeling of a full bladder, by waking him/her at the right time, your child develops this feeling subconsciously.

Sensor pants look like normal underwear but are equipped with special (stainless steel) wires. This may seem very uncomfortable at first, but these wires are so thin that you can’t feel them. As soon as moisture comes into contact with these wires, a resistor develops on the wire and the paired transmitter sends a signal to the receiver. Because of this, sensor pants will always respond to urine the fastest. Solutions that can be used in your own underwear monitor a much smaller area. This is especially important with boys. This makes the training less effective and increases the chance of prematurely ending the training.

You won’t see any difference from normal underwear 

At some point both the parents and the child want to get rid of the diapers, it’s time to start with normal underwear. The sensor underwear looks like normal underwear, except that there are often two snaps attached to the front of the underwear to which you can attach a transmitter at night.