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Rewarding instead of punishing!

As discussed earlier, rewarding your child is very important in the process against bedwetting. This is also part of the positive approach that stimulates your child to work towards a solution. Bedwetting is not something any child does on purpose, it’s not fun and can also have a big impact on self-confidence. By always approaching your child in a positive way and rewarding him or her during dry nights instead of punishing him or her in case of an accident will have a big impact on achieving your end result.

The bedwetting alarm method against bedwetting

The bedwetting alarm method is a scientifically proven effective method against bedwetting. With the bedwetting alarm you can train your child to recognize the sensation of a full bladder, which wakes him/her up by themselves so they can go to the bathroom without your child wetting the bed.

You have different types and brands of bedwetting alarms, Bedwettingalarm has written a review about different bedwetting alarms to help you make the right choice for your situation. Besides the differences in the treatment, the approach to the child and the experience, there is also a difference in the type of bedwetting alarm, because you have bedwetting alarms that may or may not use the specially developed sensor underwear.

Bedwetting alarm with or without sensor underwear

When you choose a bedwetting alarm, you have the choice for a system with and a system without sensor underwear. In our experience, the sensor underwear system performs significantly better because it detects bedwetting more quickly, so that your child is woken up faster and a wet bed can be avoided. Because of this special underwear, moisture is immediately detected and your child can be woken up faster. By waking up your child in time he/she will also recognize the feeling of a full bladder more quickly.

Bedwetting is especially common with “deep sleepers”. Using the bedwetting alarm method, these children are awakened by means of an alarm. The child must be trained to recognize this sensation of a full bladder, when it is sufficiently developed, he/she automatically wakes up and the bedwetting is a thing of the past.

Rewards stimulate your child

No child wets the bed for fun, this is both frustrating for the parent and the child itself. Always try to stay positive and stimulate your child by rewarding them. Getting angry is only counterproductive, however frustrating the situation may be.

To provide your child with an extra stimulus to work on a solution, rewarding is always a good extra trigger. By agreeing on clear agreements with your child and offering something nice in return, your child will be stimulated in a positive way. This way of rewarding is relatively easy to achieve. For example, you can agree that your child can choose what you are going to eat tonight after 3 dry nights, or you can even give him/her a gift after 7 dry nights. Children are very responsive to this method of rewarding, which means that you often get your desired result faster.

The turnaround time of the bedwetting alarm

The average turnaround time for the bedwetting alarm method is 12-16 weeks. The newer brands that focus more on positivity and therefore try to stimulate your child better indicate that this way is amazingly effective and that they manage to achieve an average turnaround time of 6-8 weeks. A good example of this approach is the Dryly bedwetting alarm, they indicate that 93% of their users are potty-trained within 6-8 weeks. You can see from the total experience and approach of both the website, the packaging, and the product that they focus on in a completely different approach than the renowned brands such as Urifoon and Rodger.