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Urifoon Contessa bedwetting alarm

Everything you need to know about this product

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The Urifoon Contessa bedwetting alarm is considered among the top bedwetting alarms by Urifoo. The Contessa is a wireless bedwetting alarm so that the user has optimal comfort and freedom of movement while sleeping in bed. The Contessa bedwetting alarm is equipped with a touch screen which makes the operation very easy and user-friendly.


4.2 / 5

AboutUrifoon Contessa bedwetting alarm

The Urifoon Contessa vibration plus bedwetting alarm includes:

  • Contessa wireless bedwetting alarm
  • A vibrating element
  • A set of 2 sensor pants
  • A scorecard
  • A mattress protector
  • Informative booklet Teacher Sas and the peeing class
  • Phone support
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4.5 / 5

The blue box contains the Urifoon logo with a friendly child’s face on it. When you open the box, the transmitter / receiver and vibrating element are placed on top and on the bottom you’ll find the sensor pants, mattress protector, scorecard and sticker sheet. When you open the box, all products are positioned in it to ship as efficiently as possible.


4.5 / 5

The installation went quite smoothly. Within 10 minutes we had gone through the manual, coupled and tested the products. By default, the alarm is set to the maximum sound output of 80 decibels. This is very loud and not necessary for us, especially because we can combine it with the vibrating pad. We were able to turn down the volume considerably with a button on the back that can be reached with a screwdriver. Placing the transmitter on the underpants is a matter of clicking it on.


User friendliness

4.5 / 5

To test how well or how fast it registers, we fill a glass of water and drop a few drops on the inside of the underwear. The alarm went off within seconds. The product does exactly what it promises.

Child friendliness

3.5 / 5

To test the child friendliness, it is primarily about the sleep (dis)comfort a child may experience. The vibrating element is a nice addition to help any deep sleeper wake up. The vibrating element is connected to the receiver and can be placed under the pillow. It is recommended to place the receiver at a sufficient distance that your child always has to get out of bed to turn off the alarm. The mattress protector is 85 by 90 and has 2 tuck in strips. As a parent, you need to make sure that you place it and check it properly. First the transmitter must be removed from the pants and then the receiver can be switched off. There is a glow in the dark button to turn off the receiver.



4 / 5

A scorecard is kept to keep track of how the process is going, You will in the days of the month and at what time something may have happened on the scorecard. You can keep track of which phase your child is in through an increasing number of points. The points are linked to different stickers where you could have your child apply the stickers. The training is successful after at least 21 consecutive nights of at least 5 points. You will have to keep track of all this yourself and it is also very important that you do this in the right way, otherwise you will not have a registration other than how you feel things are going.


4 / 5

The Contessa vibration plus package is the most comprehensive package Urifoon offers.  This package is offered for € 214.75, which makes it one of the more expensive packages. We would have preferred to have more underwear so that we do not have to use the same underwear every night. An extra pair of shorts is offered for € 15,– with the purchase of the package (otherwise it is € 19,95) The vibrating element is a nice addition in this package if your child does not wake up from the sound.


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