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Oopsie Heroes bedwetting alarm

Everything you need to know about this product

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The Oopsie Heroes bedwetting alarm for children is a new player in the field of urinary incontinence (including bedwetting alarms). The system has a success rate of 90% within 3 months. The wireless bedwetting alarm helps train the brain to recognize a full bladder by following Oopsie Moments using a small attachable urine sensor. This sensor is connected to the included Oopsie Heroes smart peeing app and a mobile phone or tablet.


3.9 / 5

AboutOopsie Heroes bedwetting alarm

Oopsie Heroes is a relatively new player on the market in the field of bedwetting. They have developed a sensor that you can stick on your underwear so you don’t need the usual sensor underwear as is normally the case with a bedwetting alarm. This sensor sends a signal to your mobile app which makes this package very compact. The Oopsie Heroes bedwetting alarm package contains:

  • Oopsie Heroes plus bedwetting alarm sensor
  • 7 sheets of sensor stickers to attach the sensor, a total of 56 stickers
  • Oopsie heroes manual


4.6 / 5

The first impression of Oopsie Heroes is particularly good. It is a very compact box and fits through the mailbox with ease. So the benefit is that you don’t have to be at home when they come to deliver the package. Oopsie Heroes paid attention to the experience, a cheerful logo, and a nice box. In the box is a small sensor and underneath a colorful booklet as a manual and the corresponding sticker sheets.


4.5 / 5

Installation is simple and effective. You download the app and make sure it is turned on. You connect the sensor and the app once and set the alarm to be used. This can be predefined, or you can optionally use a different voice (like your own voice). After that, the sensor is ready for use.


User friendliness

3 / 5

To test how well or how fast it registers, we fill a glass of water and drop a few drops on the inside of the underwear. In general, we dripped a little more than others to set off the alarm. The sensor sound starts and then the app goes off.

Child friendliness

3.5 / 5

It is very nice that the sensor can be placed on the outside of the pajama pants or underwear. You are not stuck to the manufacturer’s design and it can be used wirelessly. Note that the thicker the fabric, the more difficult it is to measure the first drops. As a parent, you are now helping to determine that and therefore it may not work as well subconsciously. The app is set up for different alarm sounds and it also keeps track of the progress. Oopsie heroes does not offer a mattress protector that can help deal with accidents.



4 / 5

The progress is tracked through the app.


4 / 5

Oopsie heroes is by far the cheapest on the market with a purchase price of € 88.95. Of course, it is also difficult to compare with the competitors because now only one sensor is supplied compared to other brands that also supply underwear, mattress protectors etc.

The low price of Oopsie heroes can be explained by the fact that you can make optimal use of your own products. A phone / tablet instead of a separate receiver and own underwear instead of extra underwear you bought.


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