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Peeing ritual

Coming up with a peeing ritual as a parent in which you have thought about how you can counteract the bedwetting as much as possible is an incredibly difficult mission. Fortunately, we can help you with the right way to do that. A peeing ritual is part of the bedwetting alarm method to prevent bedwetting.

Can my child drink a lot?

Yes of course that is allowed. Getting enough fluids is very important for every human being. There is also a recommended daily amount of water of 1 to 1.5 liters for your child. To solve the bedwetting problem, the solution is not to reduce the amount of liquid that is absorbed. The most important cause with a lot of drinking is that a natural balance is created with sufficient urination. If there is an imbalance in this, which can be caused by urinating a lot of small amounts of urine, then this is an extra amount of fluid that needs to be retained.

General peeing ritual

Make sure that the majority of drinks are consumed during the day. Also make sure that the amount of drinks consumed after dinner is limited to a small amount (1 or 2 normal cups, depending on age and how active they have been after dinner) and then before bedtime you start the peeing ritual:

  • Make your child aware that you are doing the same thing every day and that it is important that this happens to prevent accidents.
  • Your child goes to the toilet and has to pee
  • Then you undertake a relaxing activity together. You tell your child an exciting story about your past, you read a book together or any other relaxing activity that suits you both. However, we strongly discourage the use of watching a tablet or phone before going to sleep, as this can have an effect on your child’s readiness to sleep. The blue light that a tablet creates causes disruption and makes falling asleep more difficult.
  • After the relaxing activity, your child will go to the toilet again and then fall asleep

The next step in the peeing ritual

When your child suffers from bedwetting, it is inevitable that after this general pee ritual there will still be accidents. That is why a bedwetting alarm is an incredibly good tool as a supplement in this peeing ritual. The function of the bedwetting alarm is to wake up your child from the first signals of a starting to pee. This takes over the body’s down function. Waking up independently from the bedwetting alarm is vital to teach the body that this natural function must be fulfilled. Because it is repetitive and incredibly precise, very good results are achieved with the bedwetting alarm method.

Before this tool became available, it was customary for the parent to wake the child before going to bed, the child then tried to pee on the toilet while still half asleep. With the current techniques, wireless and registration through the app, many more insights can be obtained. Some brands even make use of the experience by combining the bedwetting alarm, for example, with a nice stuffed toy as a buddy for your child.

How do you know you are taking the right steps?

Keeping maintaining the right structure. Persevere, do not change strategy, and remain positive. These are the most important factors that will determine whether the peeing ritual will become a habit so that the body will take over this natural function from the bedwetting alarm. Do not be disappointed when there is a setback either. This is not unusual and may have several causes. Only when your child has been dry every night for 2 weeks can you decide to stop the bedwetting alarm method. The general peeing ritual will become part of normal life.