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Newcomer Dryly conquers the market!

Dryly is a relative newcomer in the bedwetting alarms market. Dryly started developing the product in 2018 and eventually started selling in June 2020. The novelty of the concept / wireless bedwetting alarm is primarily the method of addressing the problem and the positive approach to the child. Your child will be more motivated because of a cute panda, a complete game element on the mobile app, and even more around the use of the bedwetting alarm. This means, according to Dryly, that better results will be achieved.

Impressive figures from this newcomer!

Dryly has taken ample time to develop and test a good product. Since Dryly entered the market in June 2020 they have already helped resolve problems with bedwetting in 3000 children in six months. In addition, the average turnaround time was 6-8 weeks with a 93% success rate! These are very impressive results! Especially when you know that the average turnaround time for a bedwetting alarm is 12-16 weeks with a success rate of 78%.

The bedwetting alarm is a scientifically proven method against bedwetting.

The bedwetting alarm is a scientifically proven method against bedwetting. There are various brands that offer bedwetting alarms, each with its own identity / approach. In our experience, the bedwetting alarm with sensor pants is the most effective because it can respond to bedwetting the fastest. As soon as the pants come into contact with moisture, a signal is immediately sent out which can trigger the alarm. Because the child is woken up by this alarm directly, he/she will recognize the feeling of a full bladder. Meaning they will automatically wake up without the help of a pee alarm in the future.

The bedwetting alarm method is often used and there are many different forms available. The difference is primarily in the experience and approach of the different brands. Dryly tries to tackle this problem in the most positive way possible, ensuring that the child is more motivated to work towards a solution. Dryly indicates that this approach is extremely effective and that they achieve a success rate of 93% within 6-8 weeks!

An average rating of a 4.6 on Trustpilot

Dryly has already received 151 ratings on Trustpilot and have achieved an average score of 4.6/5. This score clearly shows that the customers are very satisfied with the product. You can also check out the reviews through the following link.

Bedwetting also called Enuresis nocturna

Bedwetting (also called enuresis nocturna) is a common problem in both children and adults. Dryly is a newcomer in the field of incontinence / bedwetting alarms and is currently only focused on children. We are unaware whether they intend to expand further, into the adult market for example.

Dryly takes a positive approach in treating the problem of bedwetting

Newcomer Dryly uses a positive approach by means of the stuffed toy called Wizzu which acts as a “hub/alarm”. As soon as the child wears his/her sensor pants and wets the bed, the transmitter sends a signal to the receiver (which is located in Wizzu). This receiver makes a loud sound to wake your child which can be turned off by shaking the panda, and a signal is also sent to the mobile app located with the parents to wake them up. It is important that you, as a parent, help if necessary and motivate your child properly.

If your child has stayed dry overnight, your child receives bonus points. Your child can spend these points in the app by further personalizing the character in the Dryly mobile app. You can so through clothing and fun gadgets to give your panda a more unique look. All these elements provide additional motivation for your child meaning you can achieve the desired end result faster.

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