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How does the bedwetting alarm work?

The scientifically proven
method against bedwetting

The bedwetting alarm is a tool that wakes your child up with an alarm as soon as he/she wets the bed, but how exactly does the bedwetting alarm work? Your child wears special underwear for this purpose (sensor pants), these pants notice the humidity and transmit a signal to an alarm. When the alarm goes off, your child must turn it off, get up and go to the toilet. It is particularly important that your child does this independently because then you can be sure that he/she is fully awake. The bell of the bedwetting alarm will make your child recognize the feeling of a full bladder.

After enough repetitions, your child learns to wake up on time and go to the bathroom without the bedwetting alarm having to go off. The bed stays dry! The bedwetting alarm is the most well-known and successful treatment method for bedwetting. With the bedwetting alarm most children manage to stay dry at night within 6-16 weeks, depending on the type of bedwetting alarm. Sometimes children start bedwetting again after a while and it is necessary to use the bedwetting alarm a second time.

The bedwetting alarm is a scientifically proven method against bedwetting.

The bedwetting alarm method is the best way to help children, as well as adults who have bedwetting, get rid of this problem. This is the conclusion of pediatrician Dr Frank van Leerdam after his doctoral research for the VU University Medical Center. Immediately after using the bedwetting alarm, 70-90% of the bedwetting children remained dry. Two years later, 70% of them were still off bedwetting. Children who wet both their pants and the bed became dry just as often. 42% of this group also became dry during the day.

How does the bedwetting alarm work?

The bedwetting alarm is the answer to what you can do against bedwetting. But how exactly does the bedwetting alarm work and how quickly do you get results? Unfortunately, the purchase of a bedwetting alarm is not the end of the process, it is important that you explain to your child exactly what the intention is and that you start this process in good spirits together.

Be prepared for a few broken nights when you start with the bedwetting alarm. During the first nights, children often need guidance in turning off the alarm, getting up and going to the bathroom. Let your child change the bedding themselves in case of an accident. Compliment your child for waking up, getting up and going to the bathroom. And for staying dry! The positivity motivates your child and ensures a faster result!

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Successful with 14 dry nights

The bedwetting alarm method is considered successful if your child has stayed dry for 14 nights in a row. We therefore recommend that you use a calendar or diary where you keep track of this. You can also keep track of how often accidents happen so that you can also see if things are improving. You use the bedwetting alarm until your child manages to stay dry for 14 nights in a row.

In order to achieve success faster, you can make deals with your child about rewards. For example, you can let your child choose dinner with 7 dry nights in a row or let them pick out a small present. Rewarding also provides additional focus and motivation for your child.

Extra drinks with success

If your child has stayed dry for 14 nights in a row, a second phase will follow. You can give your child extra drinks between dinner and the time he/she goes to bed. Are they still able to stay dry? This is called ‘overlearning’. Continue with the bedwetting alarm until your child is able to stay dry for another 14 nights in a row. If your question on how does the bedwetting alarm work has not yet been answered, take a look at this page.

Find the bedwetting alarm that best suits you and your child

There are several bedwetting alarms available on the market, to help you choose the best bedwetting alarm for your situation we have compared some brands for you. We made the comparisons based on experience, user-friendliness, insights, child-friendliness, price and packaging. Based on these factors, we have made an overview that can help you find the right bedwetting alarm. Check out our reviews here!