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Comparing bedwetting alarms

Compare all bedwetting alarms based on our reviews here

The range of bedwetting alarms on the market is huge. But what exactly are the differences between all brands? And which bedwetting alarm is best for me? We can very well imagine that there is a need for a tool where you can compare bedwetting alarms. On this page we have created an overview of all the different brands and our findings. We hope this information will make it easier for you to choose the bedwetting alarm that is right for you.

Bedwetting alarms brands we tested

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Winner of our bedwetting alarm test

When comparing the bedwetting alarms, we have tested 5 different bedwetting alarms so far and included them in our assessment. The scores are close to each other, but the newest player has received the best average score in our opinion. The winner of our bedwetting alarm test is Dryly!

The results

In the overview below you can see the results of our bedwetting alarm reviews. We put the bedwetting alarm with the highest score at the top. Of course, this doesn’t mean everything because some people have different requirements or priorities for a bedwetting alarm. Click on the name of the desired bedwetting alarm for more information and our full review.

The different criteria we reviewed

All brands have been reviewed by us based on 6 different criteria. You can see the criteria we have reviewed in the overview below. Click on the desired theme to view the scores per brand per section.


Bedwetting is unpleasant enough as it is, that is why it is important to find a positive approach to motivate the child

User friendliness

A bedwetting alarm is an electronic product that is linked to your underwear. How quickly and easily are you operational?


In order to be able to tackle the problem properly, it is good if you can better identify the root causes. How is this handled?

Child friendliness

The bedwetting alarm offers help to the parents and to the child, but ultimately the most important thing is that the child is motivated to work with it.


The prices of all the different bedwetting alarms vary tremendously. What exactly is the reason for these price differences? And do you get value for money?


How do you receive the package, what is your first impression and experience with it? The presentation influences the enthusiasm of both the child and the parents.