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Buying a bedwetting alarm

Would you like to buy a bedwetting alarm but need help in making the right choice? Bedwetting alarms are a good way to quickly get rid of bedwetting. A bedwetting alarm wakes up your child when the bedwetting starts by producing a loud sound and sometimes with a vibrating element for the deeper sleepers. Because your child is awakened at this very moment, your child will recognize the feeling of a full bladder. Thanks to the bedwetting alarm training, your child learns to wake up independently when he/she must go to the toilet.

To help your son or daughter get rid of bedwetting as quickly as possible, we recommend that you opt for a bedwetting alarm with matching sensor underwear. The sensor underwear contains very thin stainless-steel threads (which have no influence at all on the wearing comfort). When these threads come into contact with moisture, it creates resistance, and a signal is immediately sent that activates the alarm.

If your child is motivated to get rid of the bedwetting and there is no physical cause for him/her to still wet the bed, it’s a good time to start with bedwetting alarm training. Do you want to buy a bedwetting alarm? We have tested different bedwetting alarm brands to help you make the best choice!

The good thing about a bedwetting alarm is that your child learns to recognize the stimuli of a full bladder as they sleep, this ensures that wake-up reflex arises. After training, children wake up on their own in time if they need to pee while they sleep. Unfortunately, this success cannot be guaranteed for all children, but currently there are successes ranging from 72% to 93% depending on the brand. It is not without reason that science is also convinced that the bedwetting alarm is the best solution to tackle bedwetting.

What do you pay attention to when buying a bedwetting alarm?

A bedwetting alarm is an item that most people have not bought before. We therefore want to help you on your way with advice with things to pay attention to when buying a bedwetting alarm. In addition to all the reviews on the website, which are highlighted on different aspects, we have two recommendations/items you can pay attention to when buying a bedwetting alarm:

  • Choose a bedwetting alarm along with your child. After all, your child has to work with it and therefore it is important that he/she is well aware of the process. Your child must be motivated to quickly arrive at the desired solution.
  • How are the customer reviews? Can you get expert assistance if your child does not wake up properly from the alarm or if the training is not going as hoped or expected? Abandoning the training with a sense of disappointment is frustrating for everyone. With good guidance, the chance of success is much higher.

Buying a bedwetting alarm for every type of sleeper

As mentioned before, it is crucial that the bedwetting alarm wakes the child properly and quickly, therefore we would always suggest you choose a model with the sensor pants because it can detect moisture the fastest. In addition, it is important that the sound is loud enough for your child to wake up properly.

Don’t forget to order some additional sensor pants!

Are you convinced, are you going to buy a bedwetting alarm? Then make sure you order enough sensor pants. Most bedwetting alarm packages come with 2 pants, but experience has shown that some extra pants are really needed. If your child wets the bed several times a night, it would be very frustrating if they ran out of pants. This would cause you to pause the training and that would be counterproductive. It is important to be consistent in the training.

Are you entitled to insurance reimbursement when purchasing a bedwetting alarm?

Many insurers provide full or partial reimbursement for the bedwetting alarm with the additional packages. Buying a bedwetting alarm is not reimbursed with just basic insurance. Check with your health insurer here whether you are eligible for reimbursement.