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Urifoon is a Dutch family business that has specialized in providing solutions to bedwetting problems since 1954. They are active worldwide and have already been able to help thousands of children get rid of bedwetting. Urifoon has two different bedwetting alarms in its range, and have a vibrating watch. All in all, an extensive assortment to help both you and your child.


Urifoon introduced the bedwetting alarm in the Netherlands in 1954. The bedwetting alarm then consisted of a large device with a huge bell, which was connected with wires to bandages that users had to tie around the waist and at the crotch. Despite the enormous bell and the loud volume, it soon became clear that some users did not wake up properly from the alarm. It soon became clear that a bedwetting alarm alone is often not enough. Expert and personal guidance often makes the difference between being potty-trained or stopping training prematurely without results. That is why Urifoon developed the bedwetting alarm training in collaboration with (incontinence) specialists and the feedback of many thousands of users.

A professional team

Success lies not only in the excellent products, but also in the experience and personal involvement. They have a professional and close-knit team that gets its motivation from genuinely helping people with a very unpleasant problem. After all, they know better than anyone what impact this has on those involved. Both the involvement and the results have led Urifoon to work with medical specialists to develop specific signaling and training methods. The development and production department of Urifoon is located in the Netherlands.

Urifoon products are sold in many countries. Always based on the same philosophy and approach: Delivering the best quality products and personal guidance during training.

Two different bedwetting alarms

Urifoon has two different bedwetting alarms in its range, these are the Contessa and the Mickey bedwetting alarm. At Bedwettingalarm we have carefully tested both bedwetting alarms for you. Are you curious about our findings?