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Rodger is a renowned player in the field of bedwetting. Rodger offers several effective solutions for children who suffer from bed-wetting and pants wetting. Customer service is Rodger’s top priority. If you have any questions during a training session, they will provide expert advice to help you quickly.

Positive stimulation is important

A first step in any treatment is to reward the child if he or she has stayed dry for one night. Punishing when things go wrong only makes the child more nervous. As a result, the bedwetting increases, and the child would rather ignore the problem than contribute to a solution. The main barrier to this is that it is not a matter of course to praise children in all cultural environments! In their family situation, especially in immigrant patients, this can be more difficult to discuss.

The bedwetting alarm method is an effective and scientifically proven method against bedwetting recommended by most doctors. The bedwetting alarm can be used for children from 6 years old. It is important that the child wants to get rid of the bedwetting and sees it as a problem. The child must be sufficiently motivated to resolve the bedwetting. With the Rodger app there is a reward system to fill in and the child can earn badges.

How the bedwetting alarm works

The bedwetting alarm is a device that is connected with a wire to a sensor pants. Before going to sleep, the alarm is installed by the child along with the parents. As soon as a few drops appear on the pants at night, the alarm will go off. The child gets out of bed, turns off the alarm, pees on the toilet and replaces the used pants. Then the child switches the alarm back on. Thus, the child is always warned when the bladder is full. If the child has difficulty waking up, the parent wakes the child, for example by placing a wet washcloth on his/her forehead. After a few nights, the child will wake up faster.

It is especially important that your child is completely awake. The child should not go to the toilet half out of it but follow all the steps. Teach the child exactly what to do in advance. The child must go to sleep with the idea “I have to wake up from the bedwetting alarm, when I hear the sound, I jump out of bed”. If the bed is wet after all, the child must (help to) change it themselves. That is when the Rodger bedwetting alarm works most effectively.