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Oopsie Heroes

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The bedwetting alarm from Oopsie Heroes is a wireless solution for children who are bedwetting. The potty training works with a sensor, combined with the app ‘Oopsie Heroes’. The small sensor is attached to the underwear or pajama pants and immediately detects any urine loss. The sensor then sends a sound signal to the mobile app and automatically sounds the alarm. Your child wakes up and can quickly go to the bathroom. By using the bedwetting alarm training, the child’s brain will be trained to recognize the signals from the bladder, so that the child wakes up independently and can go to the toilet.

The Oopsie Heroes bedwetting alarm was developed in collaboration with 100 children by the Eindhoven LifeSense Group. The Lifesense group invests in multiple wireless solutions for incontinence problems. This is the model developed to reduce bedwetting in children. The Lifesense group wants to continue to distinguish itself by focusing on technological developments and innovative solutions.

How the Oopsie Heroes bedwetting alarm works

The bedwetting alarm that has been developed has a new, innovative approach. In this approach, the wired operation between the sensor pants and the transmitter is replaced with a solution to make it wireless. They developed their own transmitter that you can attach to your own underwear with a sticker. This eliminates the need for sensor pants to start the bedwetting alarm training. As soon as a few drops of urine hit the pants at night, this is detected by the transmitter and the alarm goes off.

Our findings

Naturally, we have taken a close look at this newcomer to the bedwetting alarm market. Are you curious about our findings?