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Dryly has developed a bedwetting alarm with more focus on the overall experience the child has. Bedwetting is a big problem among children up to 12 years old. Dryly has developed a fun concept with all kinds of playful elements such as the Panda stuffed toy called “Wizzu” and the mobile app. These playful elements motivate the child even more and according to Dryly, the average time to get rid of the bedwetting is reduced to 6-8 weeks.

About Dryly

Dryly is a young, innovative company that wants to offer an important added value in (restoring) self-confidence and happiness to children who suffer from bedwetting. Our team consists of Jeroen Adriaans, Sietse Ijlstra, Mike Metz and Clarien Ijlstra. Everyone works from his/her knowledge and competences to develop products to help children and their parents with bedwetting problems.

Bedwetting is a big problem for children but of course also for the parents. It is simply extremely uncomfortable to wake up wet in bed in the morning. Research shows that many children suffer from bedwetting problems. Because of this, they are no longer willing to stay with family or friends and are ashamed of their behavior. Parents often have the feeling that they are failing or that their child may be a bit lazy, but of course that is absolutely not the underlying reason. Bedwetting is very unpleasant, and your child does not do it on purpose! Bedwetting is not something you just stop, it is an annoying problem for both the child and the parents.

Who is Dryly for

Dryly is for children who have problems with bedwetting, but also for children who want to be potty-trained. Children who want to get rid of diapers. Dryly aims to help parents and children with incontinence problems. Most children are between 3 and 16 years old. Dryly has developed fun and happy pants for the younger children and has plain pants without logo or details for the older children. Dryly has also hidden the alarm (receiver) for the younger children in a cute panda called ‘Wizzu’. Wizzu must be your child’s friend. Wizzu can also come along for sleepovers!

The Dryly app is for both children and parents. As a parent you should use the app alongside your child. Older children can also install and use the app themselves. The app is usable for all phones.

The Dryly range

Dryly’s underwear has been specially designed and tested by thousands of children. The children who took part in the test chose the prints they liked the most. These were chosen by Dryly as the final designs. The prints for the underwear are fun and positive. Dryly currently has two models: 1 model for the girls (hipsters) and 1 for the boys (boxer shorts).

Dryly has also chosen to create a subtle line that does not have any silliness, frills, or logos on it. Shame is something that is common among children who suffer from bedwetting, so this offers an ideal solution. All underwear has been developed with the help of professionals so that it offers the best wearing comfort for your child.

The Dryly bedwetting alarm

Dryly has released a bedwetting alarm which is available in three different packages. The difference between the bedwetting alarm packages is in the number of pieces and type of “sensor” underwear that are included. In addition, the “hero” and “superhero” package includes a mattress protector. In our test we chose the most expensive package, the Superhero. This package comes with mattress protector and 4 pieces of underwear (which we highly recommend because we believe 4 pieces of underwear are necessary). Curious about our findings about this bedwetting alarm?