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Best bedwetting alarm

Get your child potty trained faster with the help of a bedwetting alarm

You typically only use and buy a bedwetting alarm once, that is why the knowledge about this type of product is often limited and that makes the choice all the more difficult. What exactly is the best bedwetting alarm currently available? Which bedwetting alarm is best for you We have decades of experience in this area and would like to share this knowledge with you to help you make the right choice.

The best bedwetting alarm for your child

As a parent you might ask yourself “What exactly is a bedwetting alarm?”. We are going to explain that to you in more detail on this page and we can support you in choosing the best bedwetting alarm for your situation.

Becoming potty-trained is a different thing for every child, some children learn much faster than others. No child purposely wets his/her bed, in fact, it is a very unpleasant feeling to wake up in a wet bed. Also, it is not pleasant to have to wear a diaper or something similar, especially if your child is getting older. The bedwetting alarm is a tool that helps you stay dry at night.

The bedwetting alarm is a tool: it consists of special sensor underwear, a receiver, and a transmitter. When moisture gets into the underwear, it sends out a signal which triggers an alarm and wakes your child. Through the so-called wake-up reflex the child immediately stop urinating and is trained to recognize the sensation of a full bladder. The child is then supposed to get up independently and go to the toilet and finish peeing there.

Potty-training consists of the child waking up earlier and earlier and at a certain point he or she feels the need to urinate, even while sleeping. Most children are completely potty-trained with the training of a bedwetting alarm. Of course, it is also often the case that the bladder eventually becomes large enough, meaning the child can wait until the morning to pee.

The best bedwetting alarm with sensor underwear for boys and girls

By sensor range we mean the area in your underwear that needs to get wet before your alarm is triggered. For effective bedwetting alarm training your child needs to be woken up as soon as possible after the first drops of urine leave the body. The alarm develops the wake-up reflex that helps your child recognize the sensation of a full bladder. The quicker the child is woken up, the fuller the bladder is, and the training will then show faster results.


In boys it is more difficult to predict where the first drops of urine will end up in the underwear. Bedwetting alarms that use sensor underpants therefore have the largest sensor range. They are generally a bit more expensive but that is because this special underwear must be included in the package. In addition, the training with sensor underwear is much more effective.


A good alarm is important

When using a bedwetting alarm it is important that your child wakes up quickly and properly when the alarm goes off. This is not so much about volume, but also about the type of sound the alarm emits. The more annoying the sound is to the child, the sooner your child wakes up. After all, it should also be clear to the child that the bedwetting alarm is not a toy, but an important training method.

Our reviews

We have reviewed all our bedwetting alarms on several different factors. The points we have considered relate to the operation, the experience and user-friendliness. We have taken the experience as a special element because we have found that positivity stimulates children greatly so that you can achieve the desired result faster. Look at the different components that we have reviewed:

The bedwetting alarm is an important part of the potty-training that can help you get rid of bedwetting faster. Take a look at our reviews here and see what the best bedwetting alarm would be for your situation.

The bedwetting alarm is a scientifically proven method!

The bedwetting alarm is a scientifically proven method against bedwetting. Because of this, the bedwetting alarm is also reimbursed by more than 70% of the supplementary healthcare insurances. Would you like to know what the best bedwetting alarm is for your situation and whether you qualify for a reimbursement? Then visit the website of your favorite bedwetting alarm.