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Bedwetting reimbursement

Did you know that many health insurance companies offer reimbursement for the use of a bedwetting alarm? The bedwetting alarm is unfortunately not part of the basic insurance, but this is different with the additional health insurance policies. Over 70% of all additional health insurance policies offer bedwetting alarm benefits. The fees vary from a fixed amount to 100% of the purchase amount. Note that some insurers require a minimum age when providing reimbursement. Most bedwetting alarm brands indicate on the website which insurance policies reimburse the bedwetting alarm and whether there are any conditions attached to it.

Am I entitled to reimbursement from my health insurer?

As explained, the bedwetting alarm is reimbursed by many additional health insurance policies. If you want to declare your reimbursement, it is important that the name of the child and the date of birth are stated on the invoice. After purchase you can immediately forward your invoice to your health insurer and they will refund the reimbursement to your account. Are you curious about how or your health insurance policy reimburses the bedwetting alarm? You can check this via the following link: reimbursement for bedwetting alarm.

How does a bedwetting alarm work?

When using a bedwetting alarm, you need special pants, these are the so-called “sensor pants”. As soon as your child loses a drop of urine, the pants will send a signal to the bedwetting alarm. The alarm goes off and it wakes your child. The sphincter will then close automatically. By using a bedwetting alarm you train to recognize the feeling of a full bladder. This scientifically proven method against bedwetting has already given many children dry nights.

Submit a claim for your bedwetting alarm costs

If you want to claim your bedwetting alarm reimbursement from your health insurance it is important that the name of your child and the date of birth are mentioned on the invoice. This is necessary for your claim to be successful. Most providers of bedwetting alarms therefore ask for this personal information directly on the website so that you immediately receive a correct invoice which you can use when submitting your request for a bedwetting alarm reimbursement.