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Bedwetting alarm method against bedwetting

The bedwetting alarm method is a commonly used way to solve bedwetting problems. your child receives special “sensor pants” that are wirelessly connected to a (bedwetting) alarm. The alarm is usually a sound alarm with vibration function, but it can also be a vibrating pad. As soon as the pants become wet, the pants signal that and a signal is sent to the alarm. This will trigger the alarm and wake your child. This is how the bedwetting alarm teaches your child to wake up and recognize the feeling of a full bladder.

Different brands bedwetting alarms

There are several brands of bedwetting alarms available on the market. We have tested the most important brands and in the future we will also test new brands and products with which we can help and support our audience in making the right choice.

A number of well-known brands that have been tested by us:


Rodger offers several effective solutions for children who suffer from bed-wetting and pantswetting.


Dryly is a young, innovative company that wants to offer an important added value in (restoring) self-confidence and happiness to children who suffer from bedwetting.


Urifoon is a Dutch family business that has specialized in providing solutions to bedwetting problems since 1954. Urifoon has added various bedwetting alarms and extra accessories to its range and helps both children and adults deal with bedwetting.

Scientifically proven method

Bedwetting (also called Enuresis nocturna) is an unpleasant problem for both the parents and the child. It can have a huge impact on your child’s self-confidence and it is very important that you address this quickly. The bedwetting alarm is a scientifically proven method that can help you get your child deal with bedwetting. With the help of a bedwetting alarm your child can get rid of bedwetting within 12-16 weeks. Thanks to the increasingly innovative techniques and the different approaches of the existing brands, more and more attention is being paid to your child’s experience. As a result, your child’s motivation is better and it is possible to see results in 6 to 8 weeks.

How does the bedwetting alarm work?

You can install the bedwetting alarm with your child. It is very important that you explain to your child exactly what the intention is. On the first evening, let your child practice putting on and taking off their pants and turning the alarm on and off. Applying the transmitter to the pants is also very important.

When your child wets the bed at night the alarm goes off, go to your child’s bedroom and turn on the light. It is important that your child wakes up properly and turns off the alarm and goes to the toilet. Reward your child if this goes well, both at the moment it happens and the next morning. The positivity and rewarding works well and ensures a faster effect.

If your child still has not turned off the alarm after two minutes, you may gently wake him/her up. Let your child go to the toilet by himself, but don’t reward them. Pay no further attention to being wet, after all it is the intention that the child wakes up from the alarm (and not because of the parents).

If your child wakes up from alarm, it is considered a successful night. Even if it fails once and does succeed once, that counts as a successful night. Only later in the training, when your child is almost dry, can you expect them to wake up every time the alarm goes off.

Explaining the bedwetting alarm method to your child

After installing the alarm clock, explain the following steps to your child:

“This bedwetting alarm is going to help you become dry. When the pants get wet, the alarm goes off to warn you to stop peeing. So if you sleep later and the alarm goes off (or the vibrating pad vibrates), then you know that you’re peeing. Then turn off the alarm, take off the pants, and continue peeing on the toilet. Then go back to bed, put on dry pants, put the alarm back on and go back to sleep. If you do, I’ll give you a reward. ” The reward is a very important part, choose a reward that suits your child well.

Where do I buy a bedwetting alarm?

The bedwetting alarm is available online from the various brands. We have tested some of them for you in order to help you make the right choice for your situation. Check out our reviews here and we wish you good luck towards the dry nights!

When can I stop using the bedwetting alarm method?

After a few weeks, sometimes earlier, your child wakes up by itself with a full bladder. Your child will wake up less and less often because of the alarm, and will wake up more and more on its own. The bedwetting alarm may be removed if your child has remained dry for two weeks in a row. Keep the alarm in the house in case bedwetting starts again. Don’t be disappointed if your child still wets the bed, your child is doing his/her best to be potty-trained, so keep encouraging your child.