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About us

Here you can find everything about the bedwetting alarms we tested

In recent years we have witnessed how mysteriously and awkwardly bedwetting is handled in many ways. Children who suffer from this become restless and insecure, are often not well understood and parents cannot speak openly about the issue. For instance, did you know that 15% of children under the age of 6 still experience bedwetting problems?

That unpleasant feeling stops now! We want to make the perception a lot more transparent, the conversation more open and make sure that parents and children who are dealing with potty-training problems have all the information at their disposal right away.

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How are we going to fulfill our mission?

As of 2018, elementary school have been given the authority to exclude children from the classroom when the child is not yet potty-trained. This authority has arisen because elementary schools, day care centers and other institutions do not know how to inform parents about what solutions are available. In addition, almost all institutions in the current zeitgeist are struggling with inadequate time and effort to meet the individual (additional) needs of a child.


We want to play an important role in this. Just as every school provides a (digital) folder about information for fields days, outings and other beautiful ways to stimulate children in a positive way, we want to convey the message that the problem of bedwetting occurs frequently and ultimately does not have to be a long-term problem at all, as long as you are better informed about ways to remedy it.