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Everything you should
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We have compared and tested the well-known companies on the bedwetting alarm market for you on different issues. Curious about the 3 frontrunners or our reviews? Check them out here:

Bedwettingalarm - Bedwetting - Childs shopping

The independent bedwetting alarm tester

We created the website "bedwettingalarm" to help and support other parents with children who are bedwetting. We have experienced this problem ourselves and it is difficult to make the right choice between different solutions and brands. On this website we hope to help you make the right choice for the product that suits you best.
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Bedwettingalarm - Bedwetting - Childs sleeping

Bedwetting has an impact on self-confidence

Bedwetting, also called Enuresis nocturna, is very unpleasant for both the child and the parents. Besides the broken nights, it also causes frustration and insecurity. In the end, the worst thing is that the child can also lose self-confidence, he or she doesn't want to sleep with friends, girlfriends or even family anymore.
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We have tested bedwetting alarms on these points:


Bedwetting is unpleasant enough as it is, that is why it is important to find a positive approach to motivate the child

User friendliness

A bedwetting alarm is an electronic product that is linked to your underwear. How quickly and easily are you operational?


In order to be able to tackle the problem properly, it is good if you can better identify the root causes. How is this handled?

Child friendliness

The bedwetting alarm offers help to the parents and to the child, but ultimately the most important thing is that the child is motivated to work with it.


The prices of all the different bedwetting alarms vary tremendously. What exactly is the reason for these price differences? And do you get value for money?


How do you receive the package, what is your first impression and experience with it? The presentation influences the enthusiasm of both the child and the parents.

We test all brands of bedwetting alarm

Bedwetting is a major problem in children aged 4 to 12 years and can have a major impact on the child’s self-confidence. The bedwetting alarm is a scientifically proven method that can help a child to get rid of bedwetting. There are now several different brands and methods of bedwetting alarms available on the market, but what is the best, nicest or perhaps even the most fun method for parents and the child? We are an independent party that likes to test all brands and write a review to help to help other parents make the right choice. Good luck!

Brands we tested

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How many children
suffer from bedwetting?

If you want to buy a bedwetting alarm, of course you want to make the right choice right away. To make this a bit easier we have compared and assessed the different brands of bedwetting alarm in the Netherlands: Allround, Popularity with children, ease of use and of course the price. We hope that we can help you make the right choice with this information.

Bedwetting alarm - How many children experience bedwetting
Plaswekker broekjes

Bedwetting alarm pants

Bedwetting alarm pants, are they different from ”traditional” underpants? Do you always need bedwetting alarm pants and how do bedwetting alarm pants contribute to solving

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